Why I switched to the Comcast Digital Economy cable TV plan

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Revised 2/13/12:  Note:  The rate changed on 2/01/12.  See follow-up article.

I feel fortunate that Comcast Digital Economy cable is available in my area (Northwest suburbs of the Twin Cities) as it isn’t offered in all parts of the country.  This cable option costs $29.99 a month plus tax, and offers me a low-cost way to upgrade from Basic Cable with just the additional channels that serve my needs.

For the $29.99/mo I still receive all of the Basic Cable channels.  In addition, the upgrade gives me 34 additional channels including 13 channels on Basic Cable – digital, and 21 channels on Digital Economy.

Comcast Digital Economy was unknown to me when I moved into my townhome a few years ago, so I subscribed to their triple play offer.  This proved to be too expensive for my budget, plus it had many more programs in the lineup than I needed or wanted.

To save money, I switched to a wireless cable service that offered Christian broadcasting plus some family programs such as Hallmark, Fox News, Fox Business News, Bloomberg News, etc.  With that option I still needed to have basic cable ($11.30/mo.) and paid $25.00/mo for the wireless subscription.

Recently the price for the wireless cable service went up to $33.00/mo. (plus the $11.30 for basic cable).   I also would need to purchase a different cable box as that company was upgrading their software and my old box didn’t have the memory capacity to handle the upgrade.  That cost was going to be $70.00 plus shipping and activation.

Back to the drawing board!  I reviewed options over the phone with two different Comcast service representatives, and through that discovered that Digital Economy cable is available in my area.  The additional economy programming lineup includes Fox News, Hallmark, CNN, Food Network, History and Animal Planet plus other channels that I enjoy.

Because I write almost full-time throughout the day, I only watch TV for a couple of hours in the evening.  I like to follow the political scene and therefore appreciate getting Fox News and CNN which have typically carried the GOP debates and other political news of the day.

By making the switch to Comcast Digital Economy instead of using the wireless cable service, I will be saving about $13/mo.  That is not a huge savings, but it’s enough to help out for my budget.

Comcast does not make it easy to find information about the Digital Economy plan on their website.  However, after a bit of research I found these links:



If all else fails, call Comcast directly and ask if Digital Economy is available in your area.  This is not a starter plan or one for 12 months, etc., but is a regular plan option.  A second Comcast rep that I talked to kept trying to interest me in a higher cost plan, but I stuck to my guns, got subscribed to Economy, and agreed to the $19.00 charge to have a box installed in my townhome.  The result is that I am now enjoying the cable programming I want at a price that I can afford.

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